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Féroce Him

Féroce HIM is a product line dedicated to men’s skin care. Jay loved his weekly barber appointments and always, always, ALWAYS took care of his skin.
Féroce HIM offers an assortment of products for men to feel refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. The line includes:
• Night Cream • Eye Gel • Face Moisturizer • Charcoal Mask • Beard Oil • Cleansing Oil • Hair Serum • Tea Face Mist •   These products are specially formulated for the unique needs of men. They offer scents that men love and leave their skin hydrated and cared for. In line with the women’s line, Féroce HIM offers all-natural products and are vegan, organic and chemical free.
Women aren’t the only ones who want clear, healthy skin. Men deserve it to and Féroce Him is here to meet that need.
Jay was known for living by a motto that has stuck with everyone he touched.
“Chin up, Chest out, Make History.”
In honor of Jay, here is to all the men with their chins up, their chest’s out, fighting to make history.
Here’s to Féroce HIM. #jl3