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About the Founder


By Di Davis


I’ve always had amazing skin, and have always been obsessed with skin care for as long as I can remember. A few years ago I lost one of the best things in my life. My son, My first born, to a tragic accident . In the months that followed I found that one of the main changes in me, was my grief, and that it had aged me so fast , I felt like I aged 10 years overnight. I started to research a way that I could work on my healing over my loss, but make myself feel better, I went to school, received my Esthetic License , Makeup Artistry certifications, and started a freelance Makeup artistry and Skin Care business. After years of research I partnered with a company to launch a Skin Care Line – green, clean and 100% Vegan & Organic. I wanted my company name to be strong, and bold showing how fearlessly I walked in Grace through one of the most profound losses in my life.

“FÉROCE” To me means fearless, fierce , warrior, over comer. I know in my heart that only by the Grace from God, am I able to walk  in my purpose.

With My Skin Care products, I want YOU to wake up and use this line, and as you face each day you are walking in, and showing up as YOUR  best self .